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Galaxy Note 3 Dual-SIM Version Launched In China For $1000

Galaxy Note 3 Dual-SIM Version

For the last couple of weeks Samsung has spread its latest Galaxy Note 3 phablet around the world, and it still has to appear on several carriers, including in US, nut meanwhile China has already got the dual-SIM version of the phablet. This is the first market where Samsung launched the dual SIM version of Galaxy Note 3 and it’s easy to understand why. Chinese are huge fans of dual SIM devices and since they are willing to put their money in a direction, Samsung gave them what they want. The price is not so far from the stock Galaxy Note 3, with almost $50 difference for the dual SIM version, and beside the capability of carrying two micro SIM cards, the specs sheet hasn’t changed at all.

The news comes from our source, a Vietnamese website, which got their hands on a dual SIM Galaxy Note 3 and spread the word around the web. An interesting fact which can be seen from their pictures is that one micro SIM slot is for GSM SIMs and one for WCDMA/GSM Sims which is known to be used by China Unicom. In China the unlocked version of Galaxy Note 3 dual SIM version sells for $1000 while the stock mono SIM version costs around $950. Samsung has not unveiled its future plans of making available the phablet in other regions, but we could expect to see it coming in other countries where customers are demanding dual SIM technology.

From the pictures we can see that the two micro SIM slots are in the upper side of the phablet, beneath the removable back cover, on the left and right side of the microSD slot. As I said above, this version shares the same specs sheet as the mono SIM Note 3, having a 2.3 GHz Snapdragon Quad Core processor with 3GB of RAM memory and 32 GB of internal storage. It is powered by Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and has a 5.7 Full HD Super AMOLED display. The front facing camera has only 2MP while the rear camera has 13MP with auto focus technology and LED Flash. The battery is a huge 3200 mAh which is able to power the phablet on full capacity. Among other specs we can remind you of the Bluetooth 4.0, 4G LTE and the super smart S Pen.

Furthermore, you can already grab one of this before officially reaching your region, from the unofficial importers, but before taking any actions, make sure that the device you are buying is compatible with your carriers frequencies and that you will get an unlocked version, otherwise you might as well burn your money. If you are not so confident in this option, I suggest you to wait until Samsung is going to make the dual SIM phablet available at your carriers /electronic store.

If we follow the same path followed by the release date of Galaxy Note 3, the next market should be in Europe, and we could expect it to arrive in US somewhere at the end of October, or in the very beginning of November.