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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Leaked Photo Confirms 5.9-inch Display, Release Date Yet Unknown

If you guys have followed yesterday’s news, then you might already know that a set of photos featuring a Galaxy Note 3 prototype have surfaced the web. Along with the images there were also some details about the handset’s specs according to which the Galaxy Note 3 will supposedly come with a 5.99-inch Super AMOLED screen.

Today, the guys at gforgames.com have posted a picture of a handset that looks similar to the Galaxy Note 3 prototype appeared yesterday. Nevertheless, this photo is different from the others as it features the Galaxy Note 3 besides two other phones, namely an old school Nokia and another alleged Samsung smartphone that looks pretty weird.

As you can see, the device in the middle of the pack is really big, thus it seems that the 6-inch display rumors are not far from the truth after all. I don’t know why the handset on the left size is presenting the Xperia Z, but it’s pretty clear that both Samsung smartphones are covered in dummy shells, probably meant for hiding their real design, which will most likely have more rounded corners, as most Samsung products.

The same thing happened with the Galaxy S3 before it got announced, when it too was spotted wearing a dummy shell. Anyway, the Galaxy Note 3 will presumably resemble its predecessors, but we can’t really know for sure until we are offered with some official information.

You can leave your opinions in the comment section below, but I’m wondering if someone would buy a smartphone that has the size comparable with a tablet.