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Galaxy Note 3 Priced At $995 In Switzerland For The Unlocked 32 GB Version

After rushing in US offers for AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon, and the pre-orders from UK retails, Galaxy Note 3 makes its way again in Europe, but this time in Switzerland. The Samsung flagship device price was revealed in a Swiss press release after the Wednesday unveiling of the handset. According to the press release, the unlocked 32 GB version of Galaxy Note 3 is going to be retailed at 939CHF which is around $955.

As for the 64 GB version there were no mentions, but it is expected to keep the same price distance as previous Galaxy Note handsets had between the 32 GB and the 64 GB had. Surprisingly , Samsung did notbother to launch a 16GB model, which left us with only these two models, but this can be a direct consequence of the fact that many complayned about the storage, so they aimed for higher capacity to satisfy the needs ( even if there always was the option to increase the internal storage trough micro SD card up to 64 GB )

Anyway, there is no word about the exact release date, but considering how things are going in other markets regarding the Note 3, we could expect to see it coming somewhere at the end of September. After all, Samsung did mention September 25 as a milestone for some markets to get the handset, so why wouldn’t be this Switzerlands case if they have already placed a price tag on the device.

As a short memo, Galaxy Note 3 features a 5.7 inch Super AMOLED display, with 3 GB of RAM and Qualcomm 800 processor. The whole pack is powered by Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.