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Galaxy Note 3 Will Have Two New Low Cost Versions This Fall

samsung low cost

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is going to be available for everybody to buy if we take for granted what South Korean media reports these days. If proven to be true, this could be the reaction to iPhone 5c who started the low budget trend for the high end devices, just that Samsung will go further and provide the phablet in cheap materials. Anyhow, the reports are claiming that Samsung is not going to provide one, but two distinct versions and the rumored specs are pretty interesting.

The cheap Galaxy Note 3 will be given in the production at the beginning of November and could be available around Christmas period, making it a perfect time for offering it as a present. But since we are now talking about two versions, let me tell you what they are about in the first place: one is going to be released with the same materials as the high end Note 3 but with some downgraded specs, while the other one will get the limited edition tag and will carry the plastic based display. Also the “Limited Edition” Galaxy Note 3 is expected to hit the surface somewhere in the next weeks. But let’s see exactly what each one is going to offer.

Stock “Low Cost” Galaxy Note 3 Version

This isn’t the first time when a low cost Galaxy Note 3 is rumored, and is we take a look in the past – 2 months ago -, rumors claimed that Samsung wanted to release both High End Note 3 and the low cost version, at the same time but somehow they took a step back and gave up on that plan as it could have been a bad image situation for the whole Note line products. Instead they have chosen to release each product individually, and once the high end Note 3 is available, all that’s left to do is to wait for its little poor brother. As I said, the phablet is going to be released at the end of the year, and instead of the Super AMOLED display, it will feature an LCD Display. Also another important downgrade is the camera which will be an 8MP instead of 13MP as can find on regular Note 3.

Another reason why Samsung delayed the release date of this product was that it could seriously affect the selling numbers of the high end product, and by giving it a few months between them, the numbers will follow their regular flow. By downgrading some of the components, Samsung managed to increase the production cost somewhere around 30% which will reflect in the final cost of the product.

Limited Edition Of Galaxy Note 3

The other version of the phablet can come equipped with a plastic based flexible display and could be available sooner than you expected. Some South Korean sources point out a deadline for the next weeks but since it’s not been confirmed by Samsung, we might expect it to be available around the same time with the downgraded Note 3. We could sneak a preview at CES about the flexible display technology from Samsung and that’s probably the technology they are going to use for the limited edition phablet. Even if the concept was offered under the prototype tag, it seems like in the end they have decided to use it in practice but because of the limited manufacturing capabilities, it is going to be placed in practice on a limited number of devices, this being one of the lucky ones.

The main advantage of plastic versus glass is that it will reduce the weight and thickness of the device contributing to a better ergonomic feel of the phablet. We don’t know any of the other specs, and beside this radical display change, the rest of the specs could be remain the same. Some difference could come in the curved display if the Samsung designers will start to take advantage of this latest technology. Therefore we have to wait a while before experiencing the performance of this plastic display and with a little bit of luck, it might hit us sooner than expected, so keep your fingers crossed.

High end Galaxy Note 3 Specs

The Galaxy Note 3 was announced on September 4th and the official release date is on September 25th, it is the third generation of Galaxy Note series and produced another category of devices, being a combination between the regular smartphone and the well known tablet. Because its size, it is too large for a smartphone and too small for a tablet, therefore it is called a phablet. It features a 5.7 inches Super AMOLED display with Multi Touch capability, a 1080 x 1920 resolution and a 386 pixel per inch density.  It comes with a built in storage of 32 GB which can be expanded up to 64 GB trough microSD or microSDHC card. The phablet is powered by a 2300 MHz Quad Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 MSM8974 processor and an Adreno 330 GPU, all going with a 3 GB of RAM memory. Camera specs are pretty good, featuring a 13 MP rear camera with LED Flash and a 2MP front facing camera. The whole pack is powered by Android 4.3 and it weights 168g ( 5.93 oz ).