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Galaxy Note 4 to Cost the Same as Note 3’s Launch Price, Claims Russian Retailer

Looks like the rumor mill just can’t stop buzzing about the Galaxy Note 4. Just yesterday we got our first glimpse of the IFA poster for the Galaxy Note 4 and the user agent profile of the device leaked on the official Samsung mobile site. Today, we seem to be getting a good idea of what to expect as far as the pricing of the device is concerned.

A senior manager at Russia’s Media Markt has revealed the pricing of the Galaxy Note 4 for the Russian market. According to him the Galaxy Note 4 will cost about 34,990 rubles in the country, which is roughly equivalent to about $940. That is exactly the same price at which the Galaxy Note 3 debuted in the country last year. He also detailed the availability of Galaxy Note 4 in the Russian market, expecting the device to be available for purchase by the end of this month or early next month. The launch timeframe is also almost exactly the same as the Note 3.

While it isn’t possible to estimate the pricing for the North American market based on this leaked information, we can estimate that the Galaxy Note 4 would cost around 650 Euros in various European markets. That is pretty much in line with what most flagships cost at launch and definitely lower than what an iPhone would cost. Considering the beastly specs the Note 3 is expected to feature, the pricing does seem pretty good to us. It is going to be the first device to bring a lot of new hardware to the market including the Snapdragon 805/Exynos 5433 64-bit  chipset, 4GB RAM and an improved camera sensor that supposedly performs better than the one on the Galaxy S5. It could also be the first smartphone to be equipped with a UV sensor. The UV sensor will measure the ultraviolet radiation from the sun and warn the user if they are getting too much sun. Honestly that really doesn’t like something we would really benefit from, but we are going to give it the benefit of doubt for now. In addition to that there will also be all the health related sensors and the fingerprint reader from the Galaxy S5 that will make its way on to the Note 4.

We will be finding out more about the UV sensor and everything else related to the Note 4 pretty soon with Samsung’s event about to start in less than 24 hours. Until then we have our fingers crossed and hope to be amazed by what Samsung will be showing off. And yes, we sure do hope the Note 4 will take some design cues from the Galaxy Alpha. A premium design plus the latest and greatest hardware will surely make the Note 4 a winner in our books. Hope you don’t disappoint us, Samsung!

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