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Galaxy Note 8.0 Release Date and Price for Europe Rumored

The Galaxy S4 might be the most anticipated and expected smartphone of the year (at least for now) but Samsung is also preparing the release of another device, the Galaxy Note 8.0. This iPad Mini competitor comes with higher performances and more impressive specs compared to the iPad, the price being the only aspect that is still unknown. Anyway, starting from today we will surely know a lot more about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 future release date, market availability and pricing offers as new rumors have been leaked.

Apparently, the Galaxy Note 8.0 will make its debut on Europe sometime during March. The rumors are giving clues about a late March event, surprisingly or not, Bulgaria being the first country to offer the phablet. Don’t put to many hopes on this though as we all know that the initial launch date for the Note 8.0 was scheduled for February.

According to the same sources, the Galaxy Note 8.0 price tag will be starting at BGN 699. This means that you will have to spend around €359, which makes the Note a little bit more expensive than the Apple’s iPad 7.9 which costs €349. The prices are for the WiFi variants that bring only 16 GB of internal storage memory, so the other versions will make you spend even more money (the 3G Galaxy Note 8.0 will be BGN 869, which is somewhere around €449).

Therefore, if we are to believe these rumors, in US the phablet price will be $350, which again is more than you have to pay for the iPad. But, do remember that the Note 8.0 specs are including a quad-core Exynos CPU clocked at 1.6 GHz, 2 GB of RAM, a 5 MP camera on the back, micro SD card slot and more. So what do you say, is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 a more appealing device (despite its price) or you rather choose the iPad Mini, which comes with only 512 RAM and other mid-range specs and features, but on a lower price tag? Do share your impressions with us by using the comments area from below.