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Galaxy S3 benchmarks propel it to the top

Now that Samsung has revealed the Galaxy S3 and we managed to get our hands on it, we can compare its benchmarks to other devices and see how it stands. Fortunately for Samsung and the people who were expecting the device, it won all the fights and it’s officially the most powerful smartphone on the market.

In terms of power we can’t say anything bad about the Galaxy S3, though we don’t like it’s design very much and it could have had some better features, like a Super AMOLED Plus display, soft keys instead of the physical ones and more. Except for the hardware, we’ve been actually¬†disappointed¬†by the Galaxy S3.

In a previous article we compared the specs of Samsung Galaxy S3, S2, Nexus and the HTC One X, but now we will see how it stands against them in benchmarks.

The Galaxy S3 managed to get the highest score ever in Quadrant with 5,642 points and defeated the HTC One X thanks to it’s Mali-400MP GPU, while in terms of CPU it was a tie. Though it wasn’t HTC One X on the second place, which is actually one of the two quad-core devices on the market, but the lower-end version, HTC One S. While Galaxy S3 scored 5,642 points, the HTC One X scored 4,842 and the One S 5,047.

On SunSpider, the Galaxy S3 has been a winner once again, being quite much faster than the One X and One S, which came closer to the Galaxy S2 and Nexus than the S3. Take a look at the graph below to see what we are talking about and please note that less is better.

On the BrowserMark HTML5 test it scored a significant difference to its competitors and even if the HTC One X has been called the most powerful device yet, excluding the S3, it’s been surpassed by the Galaxy S2, Nexus, Note 10.1, and HTC One S.

These benchmarks make it pretty clear that the Galaxy S3 is the fastest and most powerful smartphone on every side and it won’t probably be surpassed very soon.

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