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Samsung Galaxy S4 To Boast 3D Camera, Says Report

After various Galaxy S4 rumors that have been surfacing the internet these last couple of days, the latest one claims that the smartphone will come with a 3D-ready camera.

Earlier reports, came along with a set of alleged Samsung Galaxy S4 photos, and even a teaser emerged, but none of them were coming with something new that we didn’t already knew about.

This report is kind of different, because it’s about some brand new Samsung patents which cover 3D images, as well as a new Panorama Camera System. Yes, we already knew that Samsung is preparing a camera mode similar to the Photo Sphere, the Samsung Orb feature. However, when we told you about that we had no idea that the camera of the Galaxy S4 will also have 3D support.

According to Patent Bolt, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will come with a camera that has 3D capabilities when it comes to photos and videos, just like the number “4” in teaser poster, which is also rendered in 3D. Of course, there is no official confirmation and we are just speculating here.

Actually, if the rumor is true, Samsung won’t be the first company that makes an Android device will 3D support. There were others, but you probably don’t remember them because they were not so popular among the customers. This might be a different case as the feature in included on a Samsung smartphone, and not just any smartphone, it’s the Samsung Galaxy S4, the device that people have been talking about for months.

If it works, the company will surely implement the new camera technology on future devices, maybe on the Galaxy Note 3. Nevertheless, we don’t know for sure that the 3D camera will be sported by the Galaxy S4 in the first place. Anyway, things will be cleared once the device will be officially unveiled. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Unpacked event will take place two days from now in New York City, when we will provide you with all the official specs, features of the smartphone, as well as its release date if the company will offer details about the matter.



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