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AT&T and Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4 Available At RadioShack As Of April 27

A few days ago we saw an alleged RadioShack internal document that said that the retailer would be selling the latest Samsung flagship smartphone starting April 26 with an AT&T plan. Well, the document was in fact accurate, almost. According to a report published by CNET, the electronics retailer has announced that it will offer the Galaxy S4 as of April 27.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 fans will be able to buy the device from RadioShack, which has almost 5000 retail stores in the United States. The retailer says that the offer comes wot free lifetime technical support. Besides AT&T, RadioShack also offers the Galaxy S4 with a Sprint contract.

As for the price, the retail hasn’t offered any information about the matter. However, the price won’t be much different from the price of the Galaxy S4 offered by AT&T itself. The mobile operator will start selling the 16 GB variant at its retail locations for $199.99 starting Saturday and the 32 GB version will be available at $249.99. Both Galaxy S4 models will be available with a two-ear contract. The carrier is also offering the handset on pre-order and the customers who made the pre-order in the previous days should receive the smartphone as of today, even though AT&T has listed April 30 as the shipping date on its website.

As for Sprint, the third largest carrier in the US offers the 16 GB version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 for $249.99 with a new two-year plan. Of course, the price is higher than from AT&T, but the Sprint contract includes “truly unlimited” data, a service which the network has massively marketed every time it released a new device.

So, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is available at almost all US carriers and retailers. Now it up to you to choose the offer that fits you best.

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