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Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 Will Feature Visa payWave NFC Mobile Wallet App

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S4 won’t be launched at Mobile World Congress, the handset is lying in wait until March 14th when the company will hold a press event. Samsung already confirmed the device’s announcement date and location, it even sent invitations to the event, so we know for sure that it’s coming soon. The stuff we don’t know is what sort of new features will come along with the Galaxy S4.

It appears that the smartphone will be featuring Visa’s payWave NFC-based wireless payment application. In Barcelona, Visa confirmed that it has signed a partnership deal with Samsung, mentioning that the application will be included on the “next generation” line of smartphones developed by Samsung. Of course, the company hasn’t actually mentioned any specific phones, but we’re pretty sure that the payWave app will be featured by both Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3. It would make sense because the handset’s predecessors have NFC support, as well.

However, even if Visa has confirmed the partnership with Samsung and its wallet application will be included on the manufacturer’s devices with NFC support, there are some doubts whether the application will function with the Samsung smartphones released in the United States, or not. Remember that some of the US-based mobile carriers will certainly offer the ISIS payment platform in order to rival the payWave . As a matter of fact, some of the carriers are already providing Google Wallet.

So, in case you will buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 you will have the opportunity to use the payWare app with the Visa credit cards. Yes, the application is able to deal with other credit cards too, but Visa will only support its own cards on the Samsung smartphone.

I know that this a not a decisive feature when choosing a smartphone, but it can be very useful if you have a Visa credit card.


  • Drake

    I just want to note that I wish Samsung would add a detachable
    bluetooth ear phone on their phablets. One that is ready to use upon
    detachment and is placed within the contour shape on the side of the
    phablet body.

    • Plazmic Flame

      While it’s a cool idea, right now it just isn’t possible. Remember, that earpiece is going to need battery life of it’s own as well. Also, given how thin the device is, it might be something uncomfortable to have hanging on the ear.

      I totally support the idea though.

      • Drake

        It doesn’t need a lot of battery juice life like the typical earphone because once you’re done talking with it, it will go right back to be recharged with the phablet. Much better than having the whole phablet as the phone. This will give rise to bigger screen size smartphones as well – phablets if you will. With regard to uncomfortableness on the ear usage this will get better during trial and error in the development stage or successive model issues. And when competition kicks in you’ll see several awesome choices instead. If you compare it with the typical earphone you will be wearing this one on your ear a fraction of the time only as once you’re done with a call it does not rest back on you’re ear but it will rest back on the phablet and for the mean time it get juiced back up again (that’s why you need less battery life).

    • s0uth

      that is a pretty cool idea….

      but plazmic is right on that though….

  • Abdullah Naji

    Amazing! Can’t wait for Note 3.