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Samsung Galaxy S4 Videos Demo Smart Pause, Smart Scroll and Finger Hovering

The Galaxy S4 Unpacked even is due for later today, when Samsung is finally going to launch its new flagship smartphone in New York City. Although, the company wanted to be a big surprise, by the time they show of the phone, we may already know just about the entire set of specs and features. This is the latest and probably the last leak involving the Samsung Galaxy S4, but this time we’re talking about a video here, so we’re trusting that it’s reliable.

There are a few video posted on YouTube that highlights some of the most important new features of the Galaxy S4, but two seem interesting to me: the Smart Pause eye tracking feature and the floating touch control.

Smart Pause acts just like the Smart Video feature, which LG announced yesterday (it will be received by the Optimus G Pro next month), meaning that will pause any video that the user is watching when his eyes are not focused at the phone’s screen. When the users will look at the display again, the feature will automatically resume the video.

The floating touch, on the other hand, seems to be similar to the Air View S Pen functionality, optimized to work without the need of a stylus. The feature can be useful when the user wants to open up previews of things like the thumbnail on a video timeline. In other words, you won’t be needed to touch the screen of the smartphone, but just hover the finger over that certain item.

As I said, there are more than just one leaked video, which provide a glance at the browser performance of the Samsung Galaxy S4, which appears to be pretty responsive and speedy, but also at the new lock screen which is totally revamped.

Also in the video that demos the web browser, it seems that the individual handling the smartphone navigates between pages without touching the screen, he just waves his hand up and down in front of the device. It  seems that it doesn’t work so smoothly, but Samsung will have time to perfect the feature.

Actually, I think that the company will talk a lot about this function at the Unpacked event. The officials will probably present it as a revolutionary feature, but until we get our hands of the phone there is no way to tell how reliable and useful it will be.

So, excited about the new features of the Galaxy S4? Or this just isn’t enough to make you buy the phone?

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