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Samsung Galaxy S4 Off Contract Price At Koodo Is $625

If you are looking forward to buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 and live in Canada, the beast offer comes from Koodo. The carrier has the lowest outright price in the country as it offers the smartphone for only $625 CAD.

Even though the only available Galaxy S4 version when it comes to color is the Black Mist variant, this is still a very good deal in terms of price, if we take into consideration that Telus is offering the phone without a contract at a price of $700 CAD. Other carriers such as Rogers and Bell have announced that the Samsung Galaxy S4 (the contract free version) will be sold at $699.95.

Koodo may be offering the smartphone at a good price, but there is a catch tough. The thing it that it doesn’t mention any shipping date, and you cannot order the Galaxy S4 for now. All that the mobile operator is mentioning is that the handset will be available soon.

However, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be released in Canada in a few days, on April 27, thus even Koodo may be providing its customers with it soon. This is just a theoretical supposition because Samsung has encountered some problems with the Galaxy S4 supply because there is a huge demand for the device. The problem is affecting many carriers with the launch date including Telus, that is the father of Koodo.

What do you guys think. Is the Koodo offer appealing enough for you, or you plan to buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 from another mobile operator?