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Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date At AT&T is April 27, Pre-ordered Units Shipping Starting April 25

US carrier AT&T has announced on its official Twitter account that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available in its store shelves in a few days, starting April 27 to be exact.

Of course, the mobile operator has had the Galaxy S4 available for pre-order for quite some time (the customers can pre-order the smartphone for $199.99 with a two-year plan), but the company did not mention its is pre-order announcement when it will start to sale it in its retail stores.

Moreover, even though on AT&T’s website the shipping date for the Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-order is listed as being April 30, some of the people who pre-ordered the handset reported that they will be receiving it a couple of days earlier. Depending on how lucky the customers are, some of them will be receiving the Galaxy S4 on April 25, some even earlier.

A couple of days ago, the mobile operator modified the Galaxy S4 pre-order web page by setting the shipping date as April 23. However, the carrier’s staff have immediately changed back to April 30, which is the date that have been initially announced by AT&T.

Then, we didn’t know if the carrier wanted to make a surprise to its customers by shipping the Galaxy S4 earlier than expected or it was just an error in the system. Nevertheless, even though the shipping date is still set for April 30, it looks like some units of the Galaxy S4 will be sent a few days earlier, at least to some of the carrier’s customers. Perhaps AT&T wants to be the first US carrier to offer the device, and it wouldn’t be a surprise because AT&T has done the same thing with the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3, as well. The company has even bragged about the fact that it has been always the first to deliver the products when it comes to the Galaxy S line.

Are you one of the lucky Samsung Galaxy S4 buyers?


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