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Samsung Galaxy S4 Available In India As Of April 27

Samsung is putting a lot of effort to make the Galaxy S4 more that it already is as marketing has always been one of the strong departments of the South Korean company. From a Broadway show presenting the Galaxy S4 to giving the device a ride with a helicopter in Romania, which by the way can’t get any cheesier than this, it’s obvious that Samsung is spending a lot if money in promoting its latest flagship smartphone. Samsung has become the number one Android phone maker in the world and I don’t understand why the company makes all this fuss because it doesn’t really need it as the handset speaks for it self

Moving on, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available for purchase in the Indian market as of tomorrow, April 27. The phone can be bough from all the Reliance Digital stores in the country. It seems that the stores have put the Galaxy S4 for pre-order, though I don’t see the point in pre-ordering a product that will be released in one day. India is a strong emerging market, and while other manufacturers usually launch their products in the country a few weeks late than in other regions, Samsung wants to take advantage of the fact that in India there are a lot of Android fans, so the company is releasing the Galaxy S4 right away. If it keeps ┬áthis pace, Samsung will dominate the Asian market easily.

It’s good to see that Samsung officials are preoccupied with the emerging markets, but what happened with the supply chain problems? The company has confirmed that due to the high demand for the Galaxy S4, it’s very hard to manufacture so many units in so little time, and the galaxy S4 stock will be limited at first. And since the smartphone will be available in 139 Reliance Stores in India, the supply chain issues will only be intensified. For instance, some of the US mobile operators have delayed their Galaxy S4 launch and have halted the pre-order process.

However, the Samsung officials have stated that, even though there will be some stock issues at launch, the problems will be solved in the weeks to come and all the customers that want to buy the Galaxy S4 will have the possibility to do it soon.

All in all, India has started to become an important market, at least to Samsung. It would be good if other companies would realize it too.

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