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Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date, Specs, and Rumors Round-Up

March 14 will be a great day for Android smartphone fans, because it will be the day when the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be unveiled. The company is known for the mystery its trying to keep around its new products, but as always rumors are flowing all around them. The event will be held in New York City, and the company has invited the persons eager to witness it in Times Square.

The truth is we know some details about the Galaxy S4, even though Samsung has tried to keep it all a secret.

We have gathered all the rumors and reports about the new flagship and we will present them in this article in order to make an idea of how the smartphone will look like and what type of hardware it will be sporting.

Lets take the display firstly, which is rumored to be bigger than the one of the Galaxy S3, which is pretty huge already measuring no less that 4.8 inches and that has a 1280 x 720 resolution and a 306 ppi pixel density. According to previous reports, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will come with a 5-inch display with a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a higher 440 pixel density.

Having a 5-inch screen, the Galaxy S4 will be very similar to a phablet, very close to the first galaxy Note which has a 5.3-inch screen. When the Galaxy Note was launched everybody laughed at its size, but it turned out that “bigger” is the new trend and all the phone makers started developing handsets with similar measurements. Returning to the Galaxy S4, once again Samsung will have the upper hand against Apple, company which just launched its 4-inch iPhone 5, after many years of releasing only standard 3.5-inch smartphones.

We’re not sure if having a larger display, the S4 will come as a bigger overall device. If we are to believe the rumors, the GS4 will have the same appearance as its predecessor. There have been several so-called leaked photos of the device, but most of the proved to be fake, so we are not certain how the Galaxy S4 will look like.

Moving on to the CPU, it’s more than clear that the new flagship will boast a more powerful processor than the Galaxy S3. There have been plenty of unconfirmed reports and benchmarks that claimed that the Galaxy S4 will be powered by Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 600. On the other hand, the handset is expected to sport the Exynos 5 Octa, which will make it the first smartphone that comes with an 8-core processor (though some people think that the beast will rather be implemented on the upcoming Galaxy Note 3). It seems that both sides may actually be right, and the international version will include the Exynos 5 while the US variant the Snapdragon 600. Anyway, the sure thing is that the Galaxy S4 will be faster than the S3.

Another novelty will reportedly be the Eye-Tracking feature, which will allow the users of the Samsung Galaxy S4 to have control over it using just their eyes. In other words, the eyes of the users will be observed by the phone’s camera while reading something on the internet, and when the eyeballs will reach the bottom of the page it will be scrolled down automatically. It seems that this isn’t just a rumor, and we already showed you a screenshot  of the settings screen of the Galaxy S4 which confirms the information.

Leaving the Eye-Tracking feature aside, basically all reports claim that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will have an upgraded camera from 8 MP to 13 PM. This is not actually a surprise because all the recently launched high-end smartphones have a similar shooter, which it has become the new standard. Still, having a bigger number of megapixels doesn’t mean that the camera will take photos at a higher quality, it also depends on other stuff. Even if it would sport an 8 MP snapper, it will surely be improved in comparison with the camera of the GS3. It’s something that manufacturers usually do.

It is also said that the Galaxy S4 will include 2 GB of RAM and will run the latest iteration of Google’s operating system namely Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, which will come along with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI. Also, is spite of all the rumors saying that the new smartphone will have a premium material casing like glass or aluminum, it seems that the Galaxy S4 will be made out of the same old plastic, the company saying that this is the only way for it to sport a removable battery, aspect which is important specially for those who travel a lot and always carry a spare battery with them.

Overall, I don’t know how much of a surprise will the Galaxy S4 be, as many of the important details are already known. However, surely Samsung will come with something new, whether it will be an innovative feature or a special piece of hardware. I think the Japanese manufacturer has put a lot of focus on software, not just what’s under the hood. Unfortunately, we have no photo of the device, not even a mockup.

Then again, less than a week has remained until we’ll finally get to see what all this fuss is about. We’ll be here bringing you all the details.

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