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10 Million Samsung Galaxy S4 Units Will Be Shipped In First Month, Says Source

As previously stated, Samsung is expecting to sell over 100 million Galaxy S4 units by the end of the year. I must admit that at first it seemed almost impossible, but considering that the flagship will ship out to 50 markets at the end of April, the company’s prediction doesn’t sound so absurd anymore.

According to some sources cited by online publication Digitimes, the supply chain insiders are expecting that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will ship no less than 10 million units in the first month of its availability.

Moreover, it seems that Samsung will sell about 30 million Galaxy S4 units in Q2 2013. The report seems more than credible as Samsung has become the most important brand that sells Android based smartphones over the past couple of years and its popularity is still growing. By the end of the year, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be released in 155 countries worldwide, thus the sold units will certainly skyrocket.

However, the success that Samsung is currently enjoying could be obstructed by the conflict between South Korea and its Northern neighbor, which could lead Samsung not being able to meet the high demand for its latest flagship as the investors seem to be worried about the fact that the manufacturer could have problems when it comes to mass production and distribution. Nevertheless, even if the Galaxy S4 production will be stopped in South Korea, Samsung has other several manufacturing facilities placed in various countries that could easily take care of things.

Also, unlike HTC which had encountered some component shortages for its HTC One, Samsung doesn’t seem to have any problems of this sort, so the sales expectation are not just a marketing strategy. Actually, Samsung has always managed to ship its products as scheduled because the main components are produced by the company itself such as the CPUs, image sensors, memory chips, and panels.

With everything going well in terms of production, it’s all up to the customers now, and considering that a lot of Galaxy S4 units have been already pre-ordered, the 10 million units milestone looks like a rather easy target for Samsung.

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