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Best Buy Delays the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date Again

Earlier today, we told you that Samsung is planning to launch the Galaxy S4 in 60 distinct markets worldwide as of today. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the most expected smartphone in history, thus lost of possible customers are waiting for it to become available in their country in order to be finally able to purchase it.

Of course, is some countries the Galaxy S4 can be already purchased, and I mean for real as in the device is not up for pre-order and will be shipped later on, the people can actually leave with the phone out of the store. Nevertheless, there are some places in which the handset is not in stock yet. For instance, mobile operator Sprint, even though it has released the Samsung Galaxy S4, it has some trouble with the deliveries because of supply chain issues. Luckily, it seems that things will look better for the Sprint customers.

A Sprint PR spokesman declared that the flagship has begun entering the carrier’s sales channels, and soon it will be ready for a much bigger launch. He also recommends the customers to head over the Sprint retail stores around the country to see what the mobile network has┬áprepared for them. In other words, the people are urged to check out the Sprint offers is they plan on getting the Samsung Galaxy S4.

If you are not familiar with the matter, Best Buy is the retailer which has been taken Galaxy S4 pre-orders for Sprint this whole time. The good news is that he retailer will eventually begin shipping the device to all the customers who have pre-ordered it, and it will start soon. Nevertheless, soon doesn’t mean tomorrow or the day after that in this case, as it seems that the shipments will start on May 9 or later.

I know that this is very frustrating, but that the customers who pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S4 can do is wait and hope that Sprint will solve the availability issues as soon as possible.