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Galaxy S5 Might Break Records: Over 100,000 Pre-Registrations at T-Mobile

T-Mobile opened pre-registrations for the Samsung Galaxy S5 two days ago and over 100,000 people registered already. This doesn’t represent a commitment to buy, but it’s broken previous records and it represents customer interest in Samsung’s latest flagship device.

This means the Samsung Galaxy S5 could sell even more units than Samsung’s previous flagship devices and the news comes on a shrinking mobile market, where lack of innovation is supposedly going to decrease customers’ interest in smartphones. If the reports are true, it means Samsung is going to get a boost in market share, while the other phone makers might lose even more.

We definitely wouldn’t have expected the Galaxy S5 to trigger so much interest, considering it hasn’t been received very well by customers and tech bloggers. But this could mean its competitors are doing even worse.

Currently we have only two newly released popular flagships, the Galaxy S5 and Xperia Z2, but HTC is preparing to release the 2014 HTC One on March 25 and it could change things for Samsung if they manage to deliver a good device.


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