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Galaxy S5 Prime Rumors Denied by Samsung CEO

Before Samsung officially introduced the Galaxy S5, we’ve heard rumors about an iris scanner, on-screen buttons, and about a premium variant of the device. It was reported that the premium model would be called Galaxy S5 Prime and, aside for the metallic body it was also expected to bring better hardware.

After the Samsung Galaxy S5 was announced many have voiced their concerns regarding its hardware specifications which were overhyped by the rumors that surfaced prior to the handset’s launch, therefore a new rumor surfaced saying that the South Korea-based phone maker might launch the premium Galaxy S5 around May.

Many Samsung fans were looking forward towards a Galaxy S5 build with premium materials, but it seems that it won’t happen. According to Korean media, Samsung CEO JK Shin has dismissed the existence of a premium Galaxy S5. The Samsung exec mentioned though that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date has been set for this fall.

Shin’s statements doesn’t necessarily close the door on a premium Galaxy handset, as the Samsung CEO only dismissed the rumors about a “premium Galaxy S5,” without mentioning that the company isn’t planning a smartphone with a premium, metallic design.

We’ve heard some rumors about a metallic Galaxy F smartphone, which might actually be the Galaxy S5 Prime everybody is talking about lately. This means that JK Shin might have carefully chosen his words, saying no to a “premium Galaxy S5,” to avoid affecting the sales of the flagship and draw the customers into buy the current Galaxy S5 rather than waiting for the premium model. If the rumors prove true, then the metal Galaxy handset could arrive with a quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor, a Quad HD screen, and 3 GB of RAM.

This is just speculation though, so we are advising you to take with a pinch of salt and not get your hopes too high. Anyway, to launch a plastic Galaxy S5 then release a premium, more powerful Galaxy handset a few months later may seem like a bad marketing move, but it might actually help the Korean company bite an even larger chunk of iPhone’s marketshare pie.

So is the premium Galaxy F just a myth, or is Samsung trying to hide it from us as long as possible?

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