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Galaxy S5 Release Date To Be March 2014 With Curved Display, Aluminium Body and 16MP Camera

We’ve already heard a lot of rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S5, though we can’t be sure about anything just yet. And today we have a new one that we believe it could be true, a curved screen, 16MP camera and aluminium body.

There are already smartphones with curved screens on the market, 16MP cameras aren’t something new for smartphones and aluminium bodies are really a trend nowadays, so we expect Samsung to pack their new Galaxy S5 with those too.

Samsung is expected to release the Galaxy S5 sometime around March or April 2014 and they will definitely try to make it the best smartphone around, just how they got us used to the last years, since they began making the Galaxy S series. The Galaxy S4 has been already surpassed in specs in features by their new phablet, the Galaxy Note 3 and other phone makers are also doing a great job competing with the Korean maker.

The new Galaxy S5 might come a slightly bigger display, as people are always craving for more, though we don’t expect its size to increase any more, as they have the Galaxy Note series for that. The display’s resolution could also be ramped up to 1440p and, as the rumors say, it might be slightly curved, just as we’ve seen in the LG G Flex and Samsung Galaxy Round.

Back in June, we broke the news when a Samsung insider told us that Galaxy S5 will come with an aluminium body, being a part of the company’s Design 3.0, with the means to improve the lock & feel of their products, as many customers keep complaining about the use of polycarbonate.

One more thing that Samsung could improve is the camera and the rumors say it’s going to be a 16MP one with a new CMOS image sensor called ISOCELL. This is a new technology able to isolate individual pixels and ramp up the photo quality on smartphones. We really expect them to ship the Galaxy S5 with a great camera, as we’ve already seen the one used on Galaxy Note 3, which is really awesome, but it’s still behind Nokia’s flagship devices.

Hopefully we’ll find out more about Galaxy S5’s release date, it’s specs and features, as we want to give you a heads up before its release date, as we did with a number of smartphones before.

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