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Galaxy Tab 7 v2 is up for an FCC visit

We can all remember the first Android running tablet from a major smart phone manufacturer to be the Samsung Galaxy Tab. This particular device was the one that sparked the Android tablet business and quite a lot of time after the initial release Samsung has decided it was time for its successor to make an appearance. This successor is none other than the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, and while the name might just be a simple increment it does not hold the whole story.

Truth be told, the new Galaxy Tab 2 shares a lot with the old tablet as far as the design is concerned, but the similarities end there. If you live in the US and fancy buying one of the new Galaxy Tabs you should be happy to hear that you will be able to do so in the very near future as it has just cleared its FCC trials.

The Galaxy Tab 2 will spot a dual core processor running at 2 GHz and a rather modest internal memory ranging from 8 GB to 32 GB. Then again, not everybody needs an ultra high tech tablet, and this particular device suits those people just right with its 7 inch wide screen and overall specs. This also means that the price is appropriate, and as such you will find the new galaxy Tab 2 to be in the inferior price segment in Samsung’s tablet lineup.

Fortunately, the software side of the Galaxy Tab 2 will benefit from Google’s latest Android 4.0 ICS. This means that although you will lack support for flash, for at least a while longer, you will benefit from a better web browser and slightly improved battery life.

The only thing missing from the whole picture is the US release date of this tab, but as far as we know it is scheduled for its first shelve appearance in March in the UK, so the US can’t be that far behind. This is good news if you want to snatch a good tablet with a nice OS for a not so big amount of money, so be sure to keep checking our site for a possible release date.