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GalleryNext Beta App Available for Download, Allows You to Test CyanogenMod’s Next Gallery App

The CyanogenMod team is trying to find new was of making the highly-appreciated ROM even more popular, and after they announced that some devices will run CM out of the box, now we hear that they have released a new gallery app to Google Play. The new app is called GalleryNext and it is currently in beta testing.

There are quite a few options when it comes to displaying content in the new GalleryNext app. As most gallery apps out there, GalleryNext displays your photos and videos as a vertically scrollable grid of thumbnails, but in the same time it allows you to choose which media sources to see from a left slide-out menu. In GalleryNext you can see content from Dropbox, Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, or just your Camera photos.

If you decide to join GalleryNext beta you will see that the gallery app needs a lot of polish as you will encounter a few bugs, but, in the same time some neat animations.

GalleryNext beta can be downloaded from Google Play using this link, but since we’re talking about a beta test you must join it first. In order to enter GalleryNext beta you must join the GalleryNext beta community on Google Plus here, then click on the Gallery Next beta link¬†in the community’s about page which will redirect you to a post by +Koushik Dutta. Next up you must click a link in the respective post to join the beta, then, finally, download GalleryNext from Google Play Store.

Or you can download the GalleryNext APK file here.