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Garnet Red Samsung Galaxy S3 is now shipping

Rumors have been talking for some time about a red Samsung Galaxy S3 and now it’s official and already in stores. The Garnet Red Samsung Galaxy S3 is available at AT&T and it will probably reach other carriers and stores soon. Until now only Pebble Blue and Marble White versions were available, though not everyone likes those colors.

While many have been awaiting a black version, it seems like Samsung doesn’t want to fulfill their wishes and releases a not-so-popular red version. Like you probably expected, the Garnet Red Galaxy S3 comes with the same price tag as the other versions, which means you can get it for $199.

The Garnet Red Galaxy S3 has a back cover, front and frontal button, so basically the entire device is red. It does look good indeed, though it may not be for everyone. But once it gets released in more stores, expect to see it around pretty often, as there will be many to prefer it over the white and blue versions.

What do you think about it ? What color do you currently prefer for your Galaxy S3 ?

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