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How to Get Face Recognition Feature on any Android smartphone

The Ice Cream Sandwich OS is featuring a few amazing capabilities, one of these being the face recognition one. This should be the main reason why everybody is trying to update their phones with the latest version of the Android platform. Unfortunately, there aren’t available official updates for all the smartphones out there, so not everyone is enjoying the ICS experience, though most of the users are flashing custom ROMs, or beta firmware just for trying the new software on their own devices. But, if you rather wait until the OTA update is coming to you, we have some tips for you.

Therefore, in today’s tutorial we will be checking in how to get and install the face recognition feature directly on your Android based handset. You can use the up mentioned capability whether you are having an Android version 2.3, 2.2, or 3.0 smartphone, so give it a try. Of course your phone must have a front facing camera in order to use the face recognition technology. As usual, you will have to download and install an app from Google Play. The tool is available for free, or if you choose to use the full variant of the program you can get the paid version of the software.

The tool is named Visidon AppLock and it will bring the ICS face recognition features straight on your phone. In this way you can protect the files from you handset, including messages, apps, emails and gallery. As you know, you can access the files you want only by face recognition, meaning that only you will have access to the same. During the following lines I have described the easiest way in which you can learn how to use the Visidon AppLock tool, so go and check it out.

How to Get Face Recognition on any Android smartphone

  1. Download and install the Visidon AppLock on your smartphone. Download link here.
  2. Run the same.
  3. You will be prompted to enter a security code, or password.
  4. You will be using this password is somehow the app won’t be able to unlock the phone by using the face recognition feature.
  5. Go to the main menu.
  6. Go to Face Training for learning how to use the same.
  7. Then, select the apps which you want to restrict. You can choose them from a list. You just need to tap over the tool and then the restriction operation will be applied.
  8. Remember that the feature is using the front facing camera of your phone.
  9. That was all; you can now use and test the face recognition technology on your own Android based smartphone.

Tell us how you find the Visidon AppLock and also tell us if you need help with any other app you want to use and we will come with a suitable how to guide. Furthermore, take a look over our previous tutorials and find out other tricks that can be made on the Android operating system.