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Get Lie Detector on your Android Device

Are you lying, or are you telling the truth? Well, from now on you can verify if someone is being honest or is just playing with your nerves thanks to a new app available on Android’s market, Google Play. It sounds pretty interesting, isn’t it? That was our opinion too, so we give it a try. The tool is quite good, though as you can tell is designed more for entertainment use, so don’t rely so munch on what it will show. In order to see how it works and how to use the lie detector on your own Android based device read the following lines.

First, the app is named “Advanced Lie Detector Plus” and can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store directly to your Android powered smartphone. Being a free tool you will get a lot of ads from Google, some users finding this pretty annoying. Beside this aspect the app is really fun, the concept is great and we are hoping to see improvements in the future so that we can test whether someone is telling the truth or not more easily and with more success.

But how this thing work? In fact the Lie Detector app is using the nato algorithm, relaying to the stress level from your voice. This technology of verifying if someone is telling the truth based on the stress level of its voice is common used being also incorporated in the real lie detector software. It’s true that if you are not stressed but you are still telling a lie, the app will state the contrary, so it will fail. Some of the other features included in this application are the ones listed in the image from below:

Features in Lie Detector

Features in Lie Detector

Now let’s see how to properly install and use the lie detector on any Android device.

How to use Lie Detector on your Android Device

  1. Download the “Advanced Lie Detector Plus” from here.
  2. Install the same.
  3. Then, just tap on “Mic” and start speaking. In the end tap on “Done”.
  4. Now the app will tell you whether you lied or not. A new interface will be displayed showing the stress level recorded. You can then return and repeat the procedure.

As you can see it’s a really intuitive app, so you will not have problems in using it. Remember that it’s just for fun so don’t expect to have a real lie detector on your handset. Another aspect is that the tool is not supported and cannot run on Android Ice Cream Sandwich, at least not for now.