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GO Launcher HD no longer beta and available for download at Google Play

Looks like GO Launcher HD is no longer beta and can be downloaded for free from Google Play directly to your Android Tablet, that is if your device runs a 3.0+ version of the Android OS.

We all want to make our devices our own and this is all that GO Launcher HD is about, personalization; the application comes with a rich package, filled with customizable options allowing you to add unlimited home screens (five by default), create folders by simply dragging an app over the other, add customizable widgets from GOWidgets or from your own device, manage your applications with ease from your app drawer and the list goes on and on.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the editing mode brings up a grid-like interface that is very intuitive and easy to use. At the top we have a tabbed navigation bar with the applications, folders, shortcuts, widgets and wallpapers. Below we get the app sorting (sort applications by name or frequency), the app browser, home screen manager and the dock.

Getting out of the editing mode and inside the app drawer, we can see all of our applications, the GO Widgets and the apps running in the background via the same tabbed navigation bar at the top.

Aside from the flexibility GO Launcher HD brings, the feel of this app is very smooth and it looks great as well. For now, the application doesn’t support theming , but I think the transparent nature of this app is enough, because you can change its look by simply changing the wallpaper.

You can download GO Launcher HD for free from the Google Play Market and once you’ve installed it you won’t go back.