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Google+ Allows You To Download Play Store Apps From The Stream

Has anyone ever recommended you a PlayStore app and you wanted to download it straight on your Android-powered smartphone? Well, you will now be able to do it, but only from Google+. Google makes a step forward in unifying their services and apps, allowing you to download Play Store apps directly from Google Plus Stream area.

All you have to do is share an application on Google+ and an install button will appear automatically. You can now recommend an app to one of your Google Plus contacts then it will be available for download right away, without even entering the Gogole Play Store. If you are at the computer, you must copy/paste the Google Play link on your Google Plus status, and the app will appear with an install button next to it.

You can also share the apps from your smartphone. All you have to do is hit the share button in the top right corner than choose Google Plus from the list, and the result will be the same.

The screenshot above explains this situation perfectly. It seems that Google did a similar thing with Music on Google Plus, when Google Music was officially launched. Therefore the users who shared a song preview on the social network, all their friends were able to hit the download button.

Good job Google!