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Google To Unify Its Chat Services: Google Babble On Its Way

Google Babble might be the name of the solution developed by the Mountain View-based search engine giant to put all its VoIP, IM, and video call services under the same umbrella.

Google Talk, Google Talk for G+, Voice, Hangout, Messenger or Chat for Drive are only a few of the services announced by Google over the years, all serving for online communications. Not all of them are popular, and many of them are not even the greatest around, and Google decided it’s time to do something about it. The search engine giant will reportedly unify all the services under a single cross-platform service called Google Babble.

Considering that the Google Talk users couldn’t communicated with the Google Plus Messenger or Chat for Drive users, even though they were all using Google accounts, Google is working hard to develop Babble, a solution that will get them all unified.

Created to become the supreme cross-platform service, Babble should become available on Android, Google’s own mobile operating system, but also on iOS or BlackBerry. If the Google Babble app will indeed work flawlessly, then the guys at BlackBerry with their BB Messenger and the folks at Apple with their FaceTime and iMessage will have a serious reason to worry about.

Currently tested inside Google labs, Babble will allow its users to start video calls, like Hangout currently does, with anyone in their contacts list. There will most likely be an option for file transfer, allowing you to share videos, photos or any other file, most likely based on Google Drive. For a feeling of uniformity, the same chat window will be present on all Google products.

Even though the sources close to the project can confirm a release date for Babble, this year’s Google I/O event might provide some answers to this question.