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Google Chrome Beta for Android Comes with Incognito Mode, Available Only For ICS 4 Devices

Chrome browser for Android is now available in Beta and it comes with its ups (website pre-rendering) and downs (available only for ICS 4.0.3), but I’m not here for a review of the entire browser, I’m aiming specifically at the Incognito (private browsing) mode which is a very useful tool for a mobile browser because we all have friends who ask for our phone so they can browse the internet and some of them tend to check your history list and you won’t want them knowing that you searched for whatever embarrassing subject on the web.

So, if you want to open an incognito tab in Chrome, tap the Menu button and select “New Incognito tab” from the list. Now that you have an Incognito tab open, you can open another one by pressing the tab icon and then again tap on the “New Incognito tab” button.

The card view is very useful if you want to see multiple tabs altogether and you can organize or delete (swipe to the right or left) them with simple and intuitive gestures. Once you open one or more Incognito tabs, the Chrome browser will arrange them in two columns, which are separated by a blank space. You can then swipe the blank space to the left or right in order to switch from the Incognito column to the normal column.

All in one, the Android Chrome browser has a set of pretty neat features, it’s fast, simple and intuitive, but it needs a bit of polishing.

If you feel like browsing in stealth mode, feel free to download Chrome browser for Android from the Google Play Store, but keep in mind that for the moment it’s only available on ICS 4 devices.