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Google Confirms Play Store 4.0, UI Revamp and Update Rolls Out Today

Google has officially announced that their Google Play Store user interface will be revamped and that the official update will start today for all Android devices. If you don’t want to wait for the update to be rolled out for your device, then you can download the APK using the link listed at the end of this post.

Google Play Store reaches its version number 4.o.x and the entire UI has been redesigned and it will for all Android 2.2 and later. Its current build number is 4.0.25 which is the first major update since the 3.10.14, which was the previous one released last year. This new UI of the Play Store looks better than ever before.

Not all Android 2.2+ devices will get this update today as the Android blog states that this release will be pushed out worldwide over the next few weeks. Only yesterday there were rumors saying that this UI revamp should be ready for release but, despite all that, no one expected it to be available starting today.

Google Play Store UI 4.0.25 version looks way cleaner than before, loads faster and the first thing, that I have noticed, is that the apps that are on sale are now more visible. You’ll get better categories while you can simply swype between screens such as Top Paid, Top Free, Top Grossing, Top New Paid, Top New Free and Trending.

I couldn’t find any improvements done to ‘My Apps’ section, as you simply can browse through Installed and All menu. The ‘app updating’ phase stays the same as you will simply tap once the app and select Update option or, you can tap the ‘Update’ green button that’s listed at the top of the screen for the updating process to start. Note that from now on you can update a single app without entering the App menu.

Also, if you do enter an app’s menu and then click Update, then you will see the ‘Permissions’ app section pop-up. Confirm the update and that should be all.

Get the Google Play Store 4.0.25 APK from here and then install it on your smartphone. Tell us in comments if you also think that the new UI look is better than the previous one.