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Google Drive Now Comes With More Options for Android Apps Storage and Sync

One of the advantages of Apple’s storage in the cloud service iCloud is that it allows the developers to user their available storage as a secure environment for synchronizing and backing up data and settings. Google’s Drive was inferior until now, as the options provided to the Android app developers were limited, but the Mountain View-based company announced the inclusion of new options that make Drive a more powerful service.

Until now, the Android app developers had two options. The first one was BackupManager, which allowed them to save a small amount of data and settings, but it didn’t come with sync between terminals, nor access on demand. The second option was the Google Drive storage itself, but it only allow the users to simply store data, which were easy to delete, just like any other personal file stored in the cloud.

Google has announced tat the Google Drive API options are now richer allowing the users to create special folders that will not be accessible directly. Therefore Google Drive will allow the devs to use generous and secure storage that can now be employed for backup and sync.

The second improvement announced is the support for descriptive metadata fields. So far, applications using Google Drive as backup environment could not only identify the resources stored on the file names, but the  newly introduced descriptive labels features superior search options, indexing and comparison, data synchronization between different terminals and services. In addition, developers can even open protected storage for other applications, thus offering more flexibility for managing personal data, a feature that is not available on the iCloud rival.

For the users, the improvements brought by Google Drive will be reflected in apps that provide a lot better sync and backup options, thus eliminating the need of setting up an up each time you reinstall it.