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The Google Drive Release Date Rumored Again

Google Drive, which in case you don’t know is Google’s future online storage service, has been leaked once more. Even though it hasn’t been yet released, the service has a quite long history for us; we are expecting it since 2006 when it was first announced, but unfortunately Google delayed several times its arrival. Furthermore, we are still expecting an official statement that can confirm the up mentioned, though according to our sources Google Drive should be released somewhere during this April.

Now as already mentioned above, Google brought to our attention the first info about its future and also promised online storage service way back in 2006, followed by a 2007 Wall Street Journal announcement. But since this “event” which was more like a rumor, we didn’t manage to find something else, though in 2010 Google confirmed that it would allow you to upload documents and files to Google Docs, this being the Drive introduction for us. Anyway, this is not that important as now, we have a new piece of info for you.

For the first time, words about the Google Drive future release, availability and features were leaked. Don’t get too enthusiastic as there is nothing official yet, Google being extremely “quiet” as usual. So, according to the same sources, Google wants to offer 1 GB of storage space for free; for more storage space you will have to pay. This is not that good, considering that Dropbox, the most used service nowadays, is offering 2 GB for free. The drive interface will be similar with the one used on Google Docs; furthermore Google has also built an API for third party apps with this service so its users can store content from other apps in the Drive.

Currently Microsoft is having a similar service available for its users, named SkyDrive. It offers 25 GB for free though the maximum upload size is set only at 100 MB. So, what do you think, will Google provide its online storage service on April this year, or it will delay it as it already used as. And if it does, it will be able to compete with the other similar services, or it will be a total fiasco? Feel free to share your thoughts with us during the comments area from below. Also stay close as we will update you with fresh news as soon as something else is coming out.