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Google Drive to be Released with 5GB of Free Storage

The recently and numerous rumors about the Google Drive release date might turn out to be actually true as a new piece of info has just been leaked, revealing other precious details of what we can expect from Google’s own online storage service. The service is highly expected by all of us mostly for the features that might be included in the system though so far there are only few aspects known. Anyway, as the official release date is approaching more and more news about the Google Drive are being spotted, just like the one presented during the following lines.

Google Drive it’s present since 2006, well not available as then it was first announced. Since then there were only rumors and nothing certain. Its launch was delayed several times, making us wonder whether Google is messing with us or not. Anyway, as you probably know, last week we brought you the big and precious info that gives us clues and hopes about an April event. Furthermore, the image you see below is making us believe that unofficial announcement.

Google Drive- 5 GB of free storage

Google Drive- 5 GB of free storage

According to our sources, Google wants to offer 5 GB of Free Storage space and not 1 as speculated. This can only make us happy, the difference being considerable and in our advantage. Also, the space can be extended but you will have to pay for that. Dropbox, the most used service nowadays, is offering only 2 GB for free, meaning that Google is coming to exceed its popularity. The drive interface featured on Drive will be similar with the one used on Google Docs meaning that we will be able to use the service easily. Google has also built an API for third party apps with this service so its users can store content from other apps in the Drive.

Whether this 5 GB aspect will turn out to be true or not, it can’t even compare to Microsoft’s SkyDrive which is offering 25 GB for free. The worst thing with SkyDrive is that the maximum upload size is limited only to 100 MB. Other details are being kept secret by Google, its Drive online storage service being still on the developing stage. But, finger crosses for the April release. Remember that nothing is yet official so don’t take the up mentioned for granted. The press release is still highly expected but, as usual, Google is being quiet as a tomb. Stay close as we will update you with news as soon as something fresh comes out.