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Google Earth For Android Updated With 3D Maps

There’s no doubt that Google Maps is world’s most popular maps application for mobile operating system. Google announced a couple of weeks ago that the Google Earth application will receive 3D models for the buildings and it looks like the officials of the American company kept their word.

After Apple decided to stop their collaboration with Google and launched their own Maps application with 3D maps, the Mountain View-based company was bound to bring a similar upgrade to their maps app, therefore the Google Earth application for Android was updated with a series of new features meant to satisfy even the users obsessed with geographic details. Google Earth 7.0 now brings 3D maps for the most important cities of the US’ West Coast.

Unfortunately, the new 3D maps only cover once city of Europe, the capital city of Italy, Rome. Still, the users of the Android operating system will be able to see in 3D cities like Boulder, Boston, Charlotte, Lawernce, Los Angeles, Portland, San Antonio, San Diego, Santa Cruz, Tampa and, of course, Rome.

The new Google Earth 7.0 for Android updated with 3D maps can be downloaded now from Google Play.

Here is a short video that details the new 3D maps in Google Earth: