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Google Earth Update Brings Street View, New UI, and Improved Directions

Yesterday, the Google Earth application has been updated to version 7.1.1 and this latest version of the software comes with a couple of major modifications. Probably the most important and the coolest change is the Street View addition to the application. Until now the feature has been available only on Google Maps, but from now on you will be able to zoom in to the street level in Google Earth, as well.

Even though it’s now as popular as Google Maps, Google Earth is still one of the most awesome apps developed by the internet giant and it’s nice to see it updated. Besides adding the Street View feature, Google has also made other changes by improving the search and directions functions, which allows you to visualize a 3D view of transit, walk, bike and driving directions. Google has modified the user interface as well, which now provides a slide-out menu from the left side similar to the one of the Google+ application.

Even though Google Earth does not receive an update so often, this latest one surely is spectacular.

The application has become a software that is surely worthy of downloading and installing o your mobile device. Google will probably go further with it in the future especially because the smartphones and tablets are becoming more and more powerful and can manage a large app such as Google Earth. In the near future the graphics may become as great as the desktop version. Actually, the app has changed a lot lately and if you have not tried it you can download it from the Play Store Here.