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Google Eyeing WhatsApp Acquisition for $1Bn

Different sources have confirmed that as of December last year the Google and WhatsApp officials set down for talks over an acquisition deal.

Rumor has it that the search engine giant is willing to pay $1 billion in order to enrich its portfolio with the inclusion of the popular WhatsApp messenger. For the time being, the negotiations between the two parties haven’t been made public, because the WhatsApp officials are trying to squeeze more money from the Mountain View-based company.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging cross-platform applications. It has active subscribers in over 100 countries and over 750 carriers. Reports are indicating that the discussions between Google and WhatsApp became closer to a resolution last month, so there’s no wonder that the owners of the popular messaging service aren’t willing to give it away without a battle.

Moreover, three or four months ago, the rumor mill speculated that Facebook is also planning to acquire the same messaging service. For now, there are no confirmations that the discussions with Facebook’s officials have ended.

A couple of days ago we’ve told you that Google might unify its messaging, VoIP and video chat services under a new platform, called Google Babble (or Google Bable as claimed by the latest rumors in the business). If Google successfully acquires WhatsApp then a new group of specialists will arrive in Mountain View, software engineers that know very well how to constantly develop and maintain a chat services with millions of subscribers.

Now all we can do is wait and see how the Google – WhatsApp negotiations go. Anyway, if Google manages to get its hands on WhatsApp the popular messaging platform will most likely become a free service, to the joy of millions of subscribers currently using it.