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Google Glass Could Become Available for Purchase without Invitation for 24 Hours

Update: Google Glass Team has confirmed that the smart wearable will be available for purchase without invitation on April 15, with a limited number of units being made available.

If you were hoping to get your hands on Google Glass you may soon get your chance. According to a new report coming from The Verge you may be soon able to buy Google Glass without having received a special invitation. Anyway, don’t get your hopes too high because the device is still a part of the Explorer Program, so it still has a price tag of $1,500.

The leaked presentation slide reveals that those willing to enroll the Explorer Program will be available to purchase Google Glass without an invitation starting 6 AM on April 15th. The slide also mentions that the expansion of the Explorer Program will last for “about a day” and that only the customers in the US will be able to make the purchase. The document also mentions that a free shade or frame will be included in the price of $1,500.

As I was mentioning about, this move should be treated like an expansion of the Explorers Program and not as the consumer launch of the Google Glass. The Mountain View-based giant has offered Glass in limited numbers, as the Explorers could only get their hands on the wearable through a special invitation. Recently, Google allowed current Explorers to invite their friends to be part of the program, too.

Google Glass for one day

There’s no official word from Google regarding Glass being made available for purchase invitation-free, but the dates on the leaked presentation slide seem to be indicating that the expansion of the Explorer Program will be announced today. Anyway, if you want to hear more about the Google Glass Explorer Program expansion you should stick with us as we will be updating this article as new details surface.