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Google Glass Explorers To Receive Mysterious Package From Google X, According to UPS Notification

Good news for Glass Explorers ! According to some of them, Google X has a mysterious shipment headed to them, though UPS. Thanks to Google Glass Geeks, we’ve learned that multiple Google Glass Explorers received a notification from UPS letting them know that a package with the status “Order Processed: Ready for UPS” is going to be shipped to them by Google X, which is the company’s division for special projects, intended to turn the world into a better place.

At the moment nobody knows what’s in that package, but we hope that those who will receive it are going to share us some information. From what we’ve learned, not all Glass Explorers received the notification and we don’t know if it will just take longer until everyone receives it or Google is just treating some differently.


If we were to speculate, we’d say that the package might contain an accessory, case or just some legal papers, though we prefer to be optimistic and hope that Google is going to deliver some goodies to Glass Explorers and not just some papers.

At the moment, Google Glass is available only for some and hasn’t been officially released. The official release date should be by the end of the year or early 2014, according to some rumors. In the meantime you can find out more about it on Google’s Explorers community page on Google Plus or third-party forums.

Until we manage to figure out what the package contains, we invite you to tell us what do you think it’s in the package and once we find out, we’ll let you know.

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