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Google Glass Might be Headed to Japan, Proves GlassVoice.apk Teardown

Google has just rolled out the XE16 update for Glass and some interesting things have been discovered in the GlassVoice.apk file that came with it. There is a Japanese translation of the voice commands, along with some new voice commands that we haven’t seen before, like turn the flashlight off, capture a panorama, remember where I am, undo my last action, or go back.

Our friends at Google Glass Geeks kept digging and found out the translations and new voice commands. You can head over to their article to see the GlassVoice.apk file and read more about it.

It’s unclear yet when Google is planning to release Glass in Japan and we are not even very sure they are going too. For the moment we believe they might be testing the voice commands and they might also be working on a new version of Glass, because some of the new commands couldn’t be use with Glass 2.0. The turn the flashlight off command mean the new Glass will probably come with a flashlight.

The customer edition of Glass is expected to be released later this year and it should come with a lower price tag and better specs.

Both Google Glass Geeks and us have contacted Google in order to find out more about their plans for Japan and the new commands, but we’ve yet to find out anything official. We’ll keep digging and let you know once we find out more information.

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