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Google Glass Specs and Price Hit the Web

After the first Google Glass units were shipped to the software developers, new details regarding the hardware configuration, production price, and an estimation of the launch price of the new Android-powered gadget have hit the web.

We already knew from the Mountain View-based giant that the Google Glasses come with a high resolution display that simulates the presence of a 25-inch screen that “floats” 2.5 meters away from the user, but now we find out more about the CPU and RAM specifications of the new device.

A report from Jay Lee says that the Google Glass comes with a dual-core TI OMAP 443 CPU and 1 GB of RAM, of which about 680 MB are available for open apps. This sounds like a mid-end smartphone.

A couple of weeks ago Google revealed that Glass features a camera that is incorporated in the frame that is capable of capturing 5 megapixel photos and record HD 720p videos. The files are hosted on its 16 GB of internal storage (12 GB available for the user), and they can also be synchronized with Google Drive.

The Google Glass technical specifications list also include GPS module, Bluetooth connectivity, and access to WiFi networks. For the time being, Google Glass is running on Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich.

As you probably know the Google Glass Explorer units have been sold to software developers for $1,500, but anonymous sources say that the production price of the final version might drop to only $200. It seems that the shelve price of the Google Glass will be of $500 after the Mountain View-based company will make it available for purchase globally.