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Google GLASS Specs Officially Revealed, 1 Day Battery Life and 16GB Internal Storage

Google has officially announced the GLASS Explorer edition specs which confirm the 5MP Camera with 720p video recording support. This is the first time that Google releases an official insight on the hardware parts of these modern pair of glasses.

Seeing the specs it seems like the future is already here as the battery of Google GLASS is said to last for a full day. The official release date hasn’t been set but, we can expect news to be unveiled at the Google IO event which takes place next month.

Google GLASS will act as companion for your Android smartphone as it will use the MyGlass app from Google Play Store. This application has to be used to configure and control your GLASS device. All the other specs comprised within this fascinating device are the following: Adjustable nosepads and durable frame that should fit any face, Extra nosepads available in two sizes, 5MP camera with 720p HD video recording, Bone Conduction Transducer audio, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, Bluetooth, 12GB usable internal storage that is automatically synced with Google Drive, 16GB total internal storage, a battery that lasts a full day. However, some features such as video recording, hangouts will make the battery drain faster.

MyGlass app will work only with the Android 4.0.3 ICS and later operating systems. This application will allow you to use GPS and SMS messaging.

Google GLASS should easily become popular as it will be the perfect accessory for your Android smartphone. It cannot be used as a standalone device, as it doesn’t feature cell coverage which is why you will be able to benefit from Internet Connection only via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth phone connectivity. We will have more news about the latest Google product in the next few weeks. As of now, the official pricing isn’t available. But, rumor has it that the Google GLASS will be available between $300 and $500.

Do you plan on buying the latest Google product or you’re planing on waiting first to read the million reviews before deciding?