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Google Hangouts Gets Updated to Receive Support for Phone Calls

If you are using Hangouts for Android, or in Gmail, Google+ or just the Hangouts extension in Chrome, learn that you will now be able to perform regular phone calls from the app. The calls in US and Canada are free, while the international rates are pretty low.

Therefore, if you want to call internationally the new Hangouts application might come in handy, now that it has received an update that was supposed to arrive a couple of months ago.

As you probably know, the new Google Hangouts app (which is replacing talk and other Google chat applications) was introduced in May at Google I/O event and is the Mountain View-based company’s attempt to gather its voice call, chat, video call, VoIP, and any other messaging applications under one umbrella, in order to provide the users with an unified experience.

After the new Hangouts Update you will be able to perform conference phone calls by adding more persons to the same session.

You can also add video participants to a Hangouts session and you will now be able to choose from different sound effects, like clapping and laughs, with the help of Google Effects.

You order to initiate a phone call in Hangouts you will have to find the new option in the Hangouts for Android menu, or the new button in Gmail, or the Call a phone option in Google +. Should the network operators get worried? Any thoughts?

Just in case you don’t have Google Hangouts installed on your Android smartphone or tablet, I will remind you that the application is available for free in Google Play Store and you can download it by following this link.