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Google Hangouts v2.0.122 Latest APK from Nexus 5 is Now Available for Download

Hangouts v2.0.012 APK has been extracted from the Android 4.4 KitKat OS that was launched yesterday with Google’s latest flagship smartphone, Google Nexus 5. At the end of this post you’ll find the download link for the APK, a file that can be easily downloaded on your phone and then launched to confirm installation.

The latest upgrade of Hangouts 2.0.012 brings several great changes such as integrated support for SMS text messages, location sharing, animated GIFs and other tweaks that will offer the best chatting experience. Android 4.4 KitKat brings multiple updates on all the other Google applications and features.

If your device didn’t get the Hangouts update to v.2.0.012, then you can download the file APK and install it manually. In order to flash the Hangouts  APK on your Android phone you should enable the ‘Unknown Sources’ option from the Security menu.

Download the Hangouts v2.0.012 APK file leaked from Nexus 5 Factory Image from here. The download size measures 10.32MB, which shouldn’t take long to complete.

Note that some users have reported crashes and force closing errors while trying to share location via SMS. Such errors might not appear on all devices. Tell us in comments if you find any major bugs or errors while using new Android 4.4 KitKat Hangouts APK. Google will surely launch a new update version soon to fix all these bugs.

If you’re experiencing way too many problems with the app, then you can go to Hangouts App Info menu, uninstall the Update and then re-install the latest build from the Google Play Store.

UPDATE: A new Hangouts 2.0.122 APK build is available for download here.

The new update seems to fix the Video Chat crashes.

  • Jeremy Lewis

    Everything works on the Note 3 except when trying to make video calls. The app hangs and no call is actually made. I loved the new features but without video calling I decided to revert back to the original Hangouts until Google’s official release, which hopefully addresses the issue.

    • Mike Darretta

      i’m using a note 3 as well (verizon) and seem to have more issues. mainly the app crashing when tying to send mms. have you done anything special?

  • Leonidas1987

    It also forces a crash when you try to send a picture or video on the Note 3

    Fixes to these few things and I think Hangouts would be replacing the original texting app.

  • jon_h

    Hangouts cannot send mms on the HTC One (4.3). Google Now also crashes, but that can be resolved with changing the language to anything other than your own native language (ie. Change English US to English Canada)