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Google is Offering Free Red Nexus 5 Smartphones in a Photo Contest

We’ve told you yesterday that Google released the Nexus 5 in red and now they’re giving away 5 of them, along with Google Play credit, in a Valentine’s day contest.

Google wants to hear what you love, being it a person, place, pet or basically anything else. The photos, along with your personal details (name and email address) must be uploaded on their contest page and then you must share the photo using the #iheartred hashtag, though we’re not sure the latter is a requirement for the contest.

Below you can see the prizes. There is one grand prize, four first prizes and 45 second prizes, which sounds really funny.

  1. Grand Prize: 1 Red Nexus 5 along with accessories for it
  2. First Prizes: 4 Red Nexus 5
  3. Second Prizes: 45 $25 Google Play credit

In order to qualify for the contest, you must be over 18 and reside in the US. You should also know that uploading photos of people without their consent is not allowed and also not ethical, so make sure to ask them first. You don’t need to own any Google devices in order to qualify, so anyone can upload their photos, as long as they qualify for the two rules.

Head over to Google’s contest page to sign up for a chance to win the new red Nexus 5.

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