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Google Keep 2.2 Update Released, APK Now Available for Download

An update for Google’s Keep is now being pushed to users though Google Play Store, bringing new features and revised interface to the productivity tool. If the update is not yet available to you, you will be able to download the Keep 2.2 APK from this article.

Keep got updated to version 2.2 and the very first thing you’ll probably notice is the new orange action bar. Besides the interface tweaks Keep 2.2 also arrives with the ability to find printed text in images, improved list settings (allowing the users to choose where new or checked items go), Trash (where deleted notes will go), “updated multi-account selection,” and the support for making notes copies.

The Keep 2.2 update seems like a major one and by far the image search is the most interesting addition for the new version. It’s not clear yet how the image search works, but I’d personally appreciate if one could be able to take a picture of a sign, ad, or block of text and be able to search within.

You would be able to download the Keep 2.2 APK at this link, in case the update wasn’t pushed to your through Google Play Store. It’s worth noting that the Keep 2.2 APK will upgrade your existing app and that it’s signed by Google. We’ve tested the APK ourselves and it’s safe to install, being a good method to get the update right away instead of waiting for it to roll out via Play Store.