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Google Keep notes application is now live in the Play Store

Google own notes-taking application has been officially launched and it can be downloaded from the Play Store. It works only with smartphones running Android 4.0.3 and later versions and it should be your go-to choice when it comes to creating notes, checklists, photos with annotations or create recordings fast and easy.

Google uses the ‘save what’s on your mind’ description for the Google Keep application and it is a great tool for Android users who want an alternative to Any.DO, Evernote and all other notes applications. It measures 1.5 MB and it has already been downloaded thousands of times in only several hours since its official release.

Google Keep has a fantastic potential and it already has been integrated with Google Now service. Launch the Google Now service in Android 4.1 and later, then say ‘add note’ or ‘note to self’ followed by any of your thoughts and you will manage to create notes using your voice. All these audio notes will be then sent to Google Keep application for you to listen to the note audio recording.

It packs a great home screen widget that allows you to capture your thoughts or write your notes easily without the need of browsing the entire app drawer. Assign different colors for all notes so that you can easily spot the most important ones. You can create checklists for groceries and any other items that you want to buy in the near future. We’re hoping that Keep will be integrated with all the Google based applications so that you will be able to create notes fast and easy from every area of your device’s UI.

Whenever you complete a task, you can simply swipe it and it will be instantly archived by Google Keep. All the notes are saved in Google’s Drive cloud service and you can easily view them on the web by going to drive.google.com/keep. Every single note you add will be added immediately to your Google account and then you can access all the notes data from your phone, tablet or desktop computer.

Google Keep has support for adding widgets even to your phone’s lockscreen. As you know, this works only with Android 4.2+ smartphones.

Download the Google Keep application from Play Store. Also, make sure to check the video below and see all of its feature demoed. Tell us in comments if you like Keep and if you’re ready to ditch your other default notes applications.