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Google Keyboard for Android Now Up for Download in Play Store

The keyboard featured on the Nexus devices is quite similar to the popular SwiftKey keyboard application and people tend to like it because it’s very practical and helps you type your messages much faster than a regular keyboard. Well, from now on everybody who has an Android handset will be able to use it because it’s available for download on Google Play as of today. Unfortunately, the Google Keyboard is not available in all regions.

So, all the smartphones users can now enjoy the Google Keyboard if their handset is compatible with it. In case you have not tried it yet from some reason, then you should know that the Google Keyboard provides you with the vanilla Android typing experience, mostly used on Nexus devices because there are pretty much the only handsets that run stock Android, except for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition and the HTC One Google Edition, which have been recently unveiled.

The Google Keyboard is meant to offer the users a great experience while typing as it makes a lot easier, but also smarter. In case you are an individual who texts a lot, than the Google Keyboard is a must have for you.

Google Keyboard comes with an interesting set of features such as Gesture Typing, which allows you to glide your finger through the keys and type words (you won’t have to remove your finger from the keyboard), word prediction, as well as automatic error correction. Another cool feature is Voice Typing, which lets you compose messages on the go as long as you tap on the microphone. The Google Keyboard can be used by a wide variety of users from various countries as it features integrated dictionaries for up to 26 different.

In case you don’t already have it installed on your Android device (smartphone or tablet), you can get it right away from Google Play. Bear in mind that Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or later is required in order for the Google Keyboard to function.