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Google Maps to Get Revamped UI and Google Plus Integration

Google seems to be on the verge of introducing important changes for the web interface of Google Maps service, meant to get it close to the looks of the Maps app for Android-powered tablets.

Caught in a series of pictures that are yet to be confirmed by the officials of the Mountain View-based company, the Google Maps is pictured in a web interface that was highly customized, where the infamous Sidebar has disappeared and they are presented in miniatures that seem to float above the virtual map.

The new Google Maps user interface also comes with a new set of icons and a changed colors palette, but by far the most important change seems to be the Google Plus integration. With Google’s social network integrating in their mapping service, the user will be able to access information about the locations recommended by their Google Plus friends.

Of course, we can’t know for sure when the new Google Maps will be officially released but everyone is expecting to see the new interface of Google’s mapping service at the Google I/O event that is schedule to debut May 15th.

Anyway, since Maps will receive a new look in the web version, we should also expect both the Android and iOS Google Maps applications to get some improvements and Google Plus integration.

The Google I/O 2013 event is only one week away, therefore it would be wiser to wait until Google’s annual conference opens its gates for the public than jump into conclusions. In the meantime, stick with us as we will keep you updated with the latest news in the Android world.