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Google / Motorola X Phone Might Arrive in 20+ Body Colors

After we’ve heard a lot of rumors about the Google / Motorola X Phone specs and after it was reported that the new smartphone will be highly customizable, allowing the users to choose its hardware features, from screen size to amount of RAM and case materials, it seems that, after all, they will also be able to choose the color of their device, and loads of colors will be available.

Some say that the color of their smartphone doesn’t matter that much, but there are certain customers that do choose their phone based on to color of the case. The guys at Phone Arena have word from a Motorola insider who told them that the Chicago-based phone maker and Google are thinking of selling the X Phone in over 20 body liveries.

Of course, the rumor about the 20+ Google X Phone body colors wasn’t officially confirmed, therefore we recommend you to take it with a pinch of salt.

Even though we don’t know to many details about the upcoming X Phone, the two companies involved in the development of the new smartphone are hinting that we might be dealing with a truly interesting device. The most recent example comes from Google Chairman Eric Schmidt who said during a D:Dive Into Mobile interview that the next-gen Motorola smartphones will be “phenomenal.” Hopefully, the X Phone will be one of these “phenomenal” Motorola phones.

Moreover, the Motorola officials also talked openly about the X Phone. For example Jim Wicks, Chief of Design at Motorola, said that the next-gen smartphone of the company he works for will be “just the right size”, and that it will come as bloatware-free as possible. Summing up we won’t be seeing any Google phablets, and the Motorola devices will run stock Android.

Let’s hope that all the above mentioned details refer to the Motorola / Google X Phone and that the new smartphone will indeed be highly customizable.