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Google Nexus 10 gets a release date and pricing rumor

Google has just released the Nexus 7 last week at I/O along with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. And, like everyone expected, it’s time for more rumors about new Google Nexus devices. Today we have Google Nexus 10, a 10-inch tablet with a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and an internal storage of either 16GB or 32GB.

Like we said already, these are all rumors, though they’re even talking about a release date, which should be sometimes this fall.

According to the rumors, it will come with a price tag of $299 for the 16GB model. If this turns out to be true and it will come with this price, then we believe it will prove to be very successful, considering that its competitors carry much higher price tags.

It seems like the Nexus 10 tablet should be released once with the next Nexus smartphone, as Google tries more and more to enter the hardware market.

Everything covering Google’s Nexus 10 sounds great and it should be an awesome tablet, if it actually hits the stores, though we are quite skeptical, especially about the price. But if Google actually manages to get this built for only $299, we’ll definitely pre-order it right away.

Currently there are literally hundreds of tablets on the market, though they are either expensive or low-end. Also other Android tablet makers have problems with OS updates, which is a turn-off for many. It’s well known that Google’s devices are the first to get Android updates and also come with the last version, just like all their smartphones and the Nexus 7 tablet did.

All we can do know is wait and hope the Google Nexus 10 release date is true, as there’s not much of a wait until this year’s fall.

  • Frank

    Wont be buying a 10 inch Tegra 3.

  • Frank

    Its gotta have a better processor and it HAS TO HAVE an SD slot. I can live without it on a 7 inch and I understand that Google was targeting a specific price point to knock the kindle and nook out. If the 10 doesn’t have HDMI, an SD slot and some sort of 3G 4G data connection then I dont care for it in the least bit. No way! This will be a premium product and it MUST have premium hardware.

    • Pro Quad Core

      FYI a better processor? Are you kidding me is a QUAD core tegra 3, name a tablet out there right now that either has a quad core processor or a dual core that can outmatch a quad tegra 3… Until then close your mouth if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • agent9

        FYI, the nexus 7 is running on tegra 3 30L, which is the lousiest model of the tegra 3 series. There is the tegra 3 t33 which is the best of the tegra 3 series (the one on the transformer infinity). So pls know your facts before asking someone to shut his mouth.

        • Brandon

          Tegra plus? Plus there’s exynos by Samsung, Qualcomm Is better than tegra 3, and their graphics card runs circles around tegra 3. Tegra is a cheap processor and it needs replacement. Nvidia knows this, why don’t you guys?

          • Brandon

            Oh and OMAP by TI uses a processor that is single core and puts all other processors to shame. Plus the graphics card is, like always, better than Tegra 3.

      • Mike

        The lowest end Tegra 3 is still better than most. If you want performance you’ve got to pay more than “Lower price than anyone else”.